Made us relax and enjoy!

t took some time to get in touch with Atta’s travel agency, but when we did: wow! Although our plane from Jakarta was much delayed, it was not sure if we ever would get to Gili Meno, Tina kept our spirit high with some cheering and securing sms: whenever we were arriving she’d arrange for transport! We arrive late, without our suitcases, But the driver was waiting for us and took us to the place where the speed boat was waiting.

A magic tour under the starry sky to Gili Meno, where Atta was meeting with a bicycle and took us through the dark night to our bungalows at Ana’s Warung. They also kept our suitcases when they arrived the next day, until we left. Both Tina and Atta met us to say goodbye. Love the way these guys took care of everything and made us relax and enjoy! Thanks!!